Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked - Take 2

Thursday...I just opened the library for classes when the 8th Reading teacher comes in so excited...."Mrs. Price, guess what?!?  We just got over a thousand dollars worth of paperbacks for our classroom sets.  Isn't that GREAT!"  Yep....that is truly great...great for the 8th grade...possibly great for the teacher...curiously great for the librarian who now needed to bar code all those books, put them in the catalog, and get them on the shelves in the book room...Yep, just great...But once again, I was taken care of by my parent and student volunteers who stamped, bar coded and got them processed so we could get them into the catalog.  One mom worked her whole shift just getting all those books in the catalog...and by 2:30 a thousand dollars worth of paperbacks were done and waiting to be put on the shelves.  Miracles do happen at the hands of many people....Thanks for keeping the Librarian sane!!!


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