Friday, July 30, 2010

Reflections on Grasping the Greatness of Glaciers - July 28

Great Pacific Glacier
Glacier Bay surrounds us.  Small islands of ice float by and surround the ship. and I remember the Titanic and the sadness of those hours of hopelessness.  It is cold here now; we are wearing layered coats, jackets and fleece sweatshirts. And we have the comfort of warm staterooms, heated pools, sauna rooms and jacuzzi of all sizes.  What a dichotomy of thoughts on this beautiful day!

Marjorie Glacier
Traveled at night to get to Glacier Bay where we saw the Great Pacific Glacier and the Marjory Glacier. The Great Pacific is amazing and we witnessed several moments of calving…where the ice breaks away ad drops into the water with a great splash. Breath-taking. The Marjorie Glacier is black ad looks like it is made out of stone where the Great Pacific is blue and white. It has “marbling” of dark streak in it that is the rock and boulders it picks up and pulverizes along the way. The silt is so fine that it stays suspended in the water and gives the water a cloudy white look. Loved this part of the trip…in a spot to sit and watch the glacier go by. We will be two days at sea between our trip to Glacier Bay and Prince William’s sound.


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