Sunday, August 29, 2010

Miracles on 51 Street

Dad at his desk
Much has happened within the few weeks since my last post.  We have rescued Dad from Brighton Gardens where he was one of many and found an amazing haven for him in this next passage of his life.  We followed a referral from Jeff via Kathleen via Kathleen's roommate whose grandmother was in "this wonderful place".  We met the owner Debi and toured the group home on Sunday the 15th.  All the pieces dovetailed and we had Dad packed up (thanks, Ginna and Ernie), moved out and in (Thanks, Will), unpacked (Thanks, Ginna) and pictures hung and ready for Dad to move in on Friday the 20th.  It has proved to be a miracle for all of us...a miracle on 51st Street!  You know things are good when you find Dad at his desk, putzing...


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