Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reflections on Monday Marvels - Ketchikan

Today started at 6:00 AM with our docking at Ketchikan, a wonderful town on the inside passage that is about 3 miles long and 3 blocks wide  Almost every store is a jeweler of some sort hawking Tanzanite or Alaskan gold..owned by foreigners of some sort...Our time was short and so spent the time walking the town and took a spur of the moment flightseeing tour of the glaciers and fjords.  It was a beautiful and intriguing flight.  Small float plane with 6 passengers.  We landed in a lake and the pilot says, "  Ok if you want to open the doors and get out you can stretch your legs."  I looked around and said, "Get out where?"  To which he replied, "Get out here...just get out on the pontoons!"  So, we did....

My marvel of this day was a trip to the acupuncturist where I won a treatment in the Bon Voyage party.  I am a skeptic from the get-go...a pseudo-science, mystical adventure.  Nervous I was...very very dreadfully nervous; but why will you say I am mad?!?  Karly treated my shoulder which has been bothering me for months and a couple of other problems that I have incurred since surgery.  Today (Tuesday), after a night with no pain pills and a day without any incidents, I have become a convert and have scheduled three more treatments before I leave the ship for good.  Am convinced that things happen for a reason...and remain cautiously optimistic but pleasantly surprised and elated by the success on both issues..my jaw is on the floor.


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