Thursday, September 9, 2010

The End is BETTER than the Beginning...

Quiet Reflection
Grandparent Volunteer Extraordinaire
Some days are better than others...Some days are just worth reliving in order to take in all that has been accomplished or experienced...and some days you are just plain glad that they are over so you can recupe and get ready for the next day.  Today was a day better than others.  Today was a red letter dayToday, the library is finally fully cataloged, inventoried and set in place for our STMS kids...Today I tore up and tossed out the CONSTRUCTION ZONE tape and threw open the doors.  It is a GREAT feeling of accomplishment.  So many good vibes from kids and parents alike..."Wow!  This looks like a library!"  "I love what you have done to the place."  All of this as the DAMS and STMS libraries come together courtesy of so many volunteers...patient and prolific, willing and wonderful... to rise from the ashes to provide a wonderful place to read, study, compute and game with friends.  I love this library; I love the kids and I love my job...I am one happy lady!


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