Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reflections on Embarking - July 24

Leaving Vancouver
Have been thinking about a journey/adventure without knowing what lies ahead. I know the destination and have picked out some things to do and see, but don’t know what will happen along the trip. The adventure calls and my fellow travelers come in all shapes and sizes, some have been on other trips and seem ho-hum about the adventure. The staff is pleasant and omni-present, but you can see the newness has worn off and they are tired of answering the same questions in a variety of languages. Won a free hour of acupuncture at the welcome to the ship party. Am getting up my courage to take advantage of it. Needles are NOT my forte.

The food is amazing and you can choose a dinner plate that is the size of a platter or a smaller regular plate. Watching what you eat is difficult as so many thing cry out to be “just taste me!” Why do large people choose platters?

Our room is nice..bed is good enough and our steward is very nice. Found us a couple of feathered pillows. Bathroom is small…like a motor home. NOTE to self: If yaou drop the soap, leave it!

Dinner at 9:30 and it was still daylight!!!


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