Thursday, July 22, 2010

Refection on Traveling Great Distances-Embarking July 24

I was watching the musical "1776" before we left and there is a scene between John Adams and his wife who is 300 miles away. The dialog is taken from the letters that they wrote to each other while he was in Philadelphia orchestrating the Declaration of Independence. He is disgusted with the lack of movement toward declaring the separation of the colonies from England. Abigail says, "You are only 300 miles away. If you leave tonight you can be here in 8 days". I have thought about that scene and how fortunate we are. Our airplane journey took 3 hours from Phoenix to Vancouver...three hours for over a thousand miles! I am in awe of how far we have come and how it is so common to get on a plane and travel great distances.

Pictures from the first in Vancouver include arriving and a picture of the wonderful hanging pots of flowers and an amazing "steam clock" that plays chimes and tunes on each quarter hour. We are staying at the Delta Vancouver Suites on Hastings Street.  Just a quick walk to our place of where our ship leaves. Weather is warm and my long-sleeved shirt is perfect. Purchased a vest and a couple of t-shirts for the warm coat and vest are laying on the bed at home...AUGH!

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